More than 50 years evolving and adapting to the needs of our users.


Empresa Plana is one of the main road passenger transport groups in Tarragona and Catalonia.

Founded in 1964 as a family company, today it has a workforce of 500 employees that serve more than 15 million travelers each year: 10 million passengers on regular lines, and 5 million passengers on school services, worker transfers.

We currently manage the regular lines of the main cities of Camp de Tarragona.

We are also the official transport from Barcelona Airport and Reus Airport to the main destinations on the Costa Daurada.

In addition to this, we offer coach rental for discretionary services, aimed at companies, institutions, associations, educational centers and all kinds of needs for people who wish to travel by road in groups.

Our fleet is composed by more than 550 coaches, equipped with the most demanding elements of comfort and safety, with a wide range of car bodies prepared for all needs. We have vehicles for short and long distances, some of the buses and coaches are adapted for wheelchairs, have air conditioning, individual reading lights, double glass windows, accessories, GPS, Wi-Fi zone, ABS, ASR, reclining seats, first aid kit.

Moreover, our own infrastructures are larger than 84,000m2.

Empresa Plana is a company committed to people, society, quality and the environment.

Active Safety

Our vehicles are equipped with different Active Safety systems, such as:

  • LDW: This device warns of unintentional lane departure, detects the variation of the trajectory on the lane. It facilitates safe driving at all times.
  • ACC: Adaptive Cruise Control, allows setting and regulating the speed without using the pedals. It therefore reduces the possibility of collision.
  • EBD: Electronic Brake Distribution, distributes the braking pressure and determines how much force must be applied to each wheel to stop the vehicle in a minimum distance.
  • ASR: Traction control system, reduces loss of grip, preventing skidding when starting or accelerating.
  • ESP: This system provides assistance to the driving personnel avoiding the loss of trajectory or turning of the vehicle.
  • ECAS: Electronically Controlled Air Suspension.
  • TC: Traction Control. 
  • ABS: Anti-lock braking system that regulates braking pressure individually. It improves driving safety, in case of heavy braking, it counteracts a possible locking of the wheels by reducing the brake pressure.
  • Electric brake: It slows down the speed, and allows the vehicle to decelerate by means of an electric drive, without wearing out the brakes.
  • Retarder: Auxiliary braking system that helps maintain or slow down speed without using the service brakes, which allows a greater degree of safety.

Empresa Plana vehicles are equipped with these and further safety systems, in order to offer the user a highly safe experience.

Driving Personnel

We continuously train our driving personnel, who are highly qualified to perform the bus service in a safe way. They are professionals and specialists in driving and in ensuring the safety of the journey, therefore, passengers must follow their instructions at all times.

The traveler: Tips for behavior while waiting, boarding, traveling and alighting.

  • Arrive at the stop in plenty of time.
  • Without leaving the roadway or sidewalk, respecting the turn.
  • Go up through the corresponding door, quietly and without pushing other users.
  • Sit on the seat correctly.
  • If the bus is equipped with seat belts, wear them throughout the trip.
  • If there are no free seats, hold on to the bars or backs of the seats so as not to fall in the event of braking or sudden changes of direction.
  • Avoid disturbing or distracting the driver.
  • Give sufficient advance notice of your intention to get off the bus and prepare to leave the bus when it has completely stopped.
  • If, once outside the bus, it is necessary to cross the roadway, do not cross in front or behind the bus, wait on the sidewalk until the bus has left.

Doors and access

Enter the bus in an orderly manner. Identify all doors and accesses so that, if necessary, the evacuation of the vehicle could be done safely and without haste.

Safety door release

This device is located near the doors, in a visible and identifiable place. It must always be used when the vehicle is stationary. When pressed, it unlocks the doors and opens them instantly, thus facilitating exit from inside the vehicle.

Emergency hammers

All our vehicles are equipped with emergency hammers, to be used in case of emergency. They are located near the windows indicated as "emergency exits". They should only be used in case it is not possible to exit through the doors.


Hand luggage and personal items should only be placed in the luggage racks or locations provided for that purpose. Make sure that they cannot be moved at any time. Our driving staff will show you where to place your luggage, either in the trunk or elsewhere.

Seat belts

Remember to use the seat belt, its use is mandatory.

Fire extinguisher

Fire extinguishers are located inside the vehicle, usually near the driver’s seat.

First aid kit

Consult with our driving personnel for the location of the first aid kit. All our vehicles are equipped with a first aid kit.

No smoking and eating

We kindly remind you that smoking and eating are forbidden inside the vehicle.


How to act in case the driver is involved in an accident and is unable to act on the accident

In the event that the driving personnel is one of the people involved in the accident and this does not allow them to act in the event of an accident, the users will adopt a series of behaviors that will help to minimize the consequences as much as possible. To this end, an easy rule should be followed: P.A.S.

1º Protect ourselves: Exit the bus in the most orderly way possible, placing ourselves on the shoulder, sidewalk or as far as possible separated from the roadway. If we have vests or any reflective clothing, we will wear it and we will mark the place of the accident with triangles or any other element that will help other drivers to see the accident and avoid a new one.

2º Notify: It is very important to NOTIFY the emergency services immediately. Call the telephone number 112, which is the number reserved for all types of emergencies and report: What has happened? If there are injured people, how many are there? Where are we? and any other question that may be asked.

3º First aid: Before medical help arrives, if there are people with first aid knowledge, they will help the injured. If there is no one with any medical knowledge, anyone can assist the injured while maintaining minimum safety standards:

Unless there is an extremely urgent situation, e.g. a fire on the bus or if we see that they are bleeding heavily and their life might be in danger, we will not pull the injured from the bus by the arms or legs, as this may cause more serious injuries.

  • Do not give them water or other beverages.
  • If they are cold, cover them with a blanket or warm clothing.
  • Remain with the injured person and try to keep him/her calm.



STOP COVID- Updated 29/05/2022

It is mandatory to wear a face mask on public transport, both inside the vehicles and at stations, stops and corridors.

Make sure not to use public transport in case you have symptoms compatible with Covid19.

Avoid standing when the vehicle does not have space for this purpose.

Avoid, as much as possible, talking to other passengers or on the telephone.

Avoid interacting with the driving personnel, if it is not necessary.

We inform you that, every three minutes, the air in the bus is renewed.


Empresa Plana operates in the main cities of Camp de Tarragona and tourist destinations of Coast Daurada, in addition to connecting them by bus to Barcelona and Reus airports.

  • Municipalities with stops
  • Delegations (Garatge Tarragona, Base Costa Daurada c / Colom, Base Garraf - Vilanova)


If you wish to contact us, kindly call us at +34 977 553680 or fill in the form on our website.




At Empresa Plana we are constantly searching for different professional profiles: drivers, mechanics, etc. Send us your CV if you want to work in a company of future.



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